softee for Seo

It feels crazy, but I am already starting to gear up for the fall and holiday craft fairs. I am totally getting into the idea of fall around the corner... However, I am NOT feeling ready for any wintertime thoughts.
In the meantime I have been squeezing in a few personal crafty things. Here is the Softee (something to cuddle with)~ Half blanket/ half stuffed animal~ that I designed and made for Seo. My sewing machine got stuck and refused to sew a straight line, which made this project a quite a challenge. I like this little softee so much I may try to make some for all these friends who are having babies... shhhh.....
And Seo seems to like it which feels good.


6 months.

Happy 1/2 Birthday dear Eliseo!!!
Our pretty-much-crawling, happy-go-lucky, chubber-legged dumpling.

We. Love. You.

(You celebrated with a first sit-down solid food experience of sweet potatoes. You were crazy about it.)


votive project

Designing and hand=carving the stamp on a large pink eraser:
These pictures are from a fun project I made this week for a friend's baby shower/Mother-blessing. I bought inexpensive glass votive holders and then stamped a cut out decorative paper with a hand-carved stamp, and then glued them around the glass holder. Relatively simple, but they looked lovely all together.


wedding trip

Dad, Amy, and my new step-sisters and brother:
Sophie, Naomi, Amy, Dad, Anna, and Joe.

Our vacation in New Hampshire was sooooooooooo wonderful. Because of my Dad's wedding the week was very family oriented. We didn't try to see a million friends or go too far from my parents' houses. Some things we did do:
We went swimming at Elbow Pond,
ate donuts,
hot-tubed in the day,
hot-tubed at night in the rain,
kayaked on the peaceful lake my Mom and Paul live on,
introduced Seo to loved ones,
talked art with my friend Edibeth,
did some landscaping in preparation for the wedding,
went and got mani/pedis with the girls before the wedding(a first for me),
met Amy's family,
visited with my friend Caren,
arranged flowers for the wedding,
drank nice wine,
drank coffee overlooking the lake,
got to drive my Mom's newish matrix for the week,
ate home-cooked food everywhere we went,
watched Lili get showered with love and attention at every turn,
and much more...

The wedding was incredible. Elegant but casual. It was in the backyard of my childhood home. Amy looked beautiful, my Dad was glowing.

Standing up in my Dad's wedding and handing him his gold wedding ring~ it was a moment to cherish. For many years after my parents divorced, my father was incredibly sad. To see him so happy and embraced by this loving woman who is not my mother was healing for me. And importantly, my own mother was a well-wishing guest in the wedding crowd...
How time can heal...

And now we are home having the battle of our lives.
The Loomers vs. the ferocious North Carolina mold.
More on that later I am sure...


sister painting...

I can't remember off the top of my head if I showed you this painting that I made this past spring~ I think so...
anyways, I was commissioned by my friend who bought it to make a painting to go with it. It was an interesting challenge since I didn't have the first painting in person, and I didn't have all of the same papers, Ect... but I love the way the little sister came out:8" x 8" x 1.75"

all those curlicues at the bottom are from an antique ledger from the early 1900's. One whole column of a page was filled with this person's (F.W. Knight I believe) stamped signature. Something about the repetition is so beautiful to me. The little bird is a Vesper Sparrow.

So this is what they look like together:


from the garden

I made some delicious pesto with the basil from our garden~
and then I put the pesto in this Stromboli (Stromboli is like a rolled up pizza of sorts). It was a provolone cheese, salami, goat cheese, and pesto Stromboli. I just can't find the right words to describe how perfect it was.


7 years

Happy Anniversary!

first treasury...

Deer's Forest, natabalnova

I have been included in several Etsy treasuries lately (Here is one from today that I am in) and so I thought it would be fun to make my own. I still don't understand this feature of Etsy fully, but I had a ton of fun making this collection. These colors have been a longtime favorite, so it was interesting to pull them together in this way. I spent way too long doing it~ but hey!