running down our dirt road
 the canning (done by my grandpa Lyn) broke on my chair. It's a good thing my butt is big enough not to fall through!
 season of ice cream treats has begun.
 picking up chicken feed at our local garden center.
succulents, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, flowers.


sewing with Lili

Okay, I am a running a day behind (in pretty much every area of my life) but this was our special project yesterday: Lili wanted to sew a doll blanket.Alex took Seo for a walk so Lili and I could have some focused time. I was unsure of how it was going to pan our, but it was a big success. She needed complete hands on help for the whole thing, but I enjoyed seeing her so excited and proud. 


new jewelry designs

 Remember when I told you I was working on something fun with my whale painting? I have been working on some new designs featuring more organic shapes and finishes. It has been a lot of fun trying out some new things. One of my favorite things about them is how they look and feel like a piece of sea-glass...



We spent a tiny bit of the weekend playing in the dirt, such a treat.



Alex and I took a walk around our land as darkness fell tonight. Greenish fireflies hovered close to the forest floor and a barred owl called out, interrupting a long winded story I was telling Alex.

I can't seem to pull myself together enough to show you a coordinated view of what I have been up too lately... but here are a few glimpses of life instead:
Hope you are doing well!


blue ridge mountains

I made this illustration in preparation for the Big Love Festival which celebrates all things local. Originally I tried to squeeze in some local building landmarks at the bottom but it looked too cheesy, so I left it iconic and simple.


the handmade market and the rest of the week...

Wow, it has been a weird week.

A crazy storm system hovered over Western North Carolina and dumped over 6 inches of rain which caused all sorts of problems. Flooding, mudslides, and also of the cancelling of The Big Love Festival which we were supposed to vend at on Sunday. I was relieved that we didn't have to vend in dangerous weather.... but it was a huge disappointment nonetheless because we usually do really well at it. Then, yesterday mudslides took out 4 of the 5 roads to leave our house, and the mountainside above us started to look unstable as well. If there had been a mudslide most likely it would have trapped us in by covering our road or taken out the yoga studio or my studio and not our houses... but I still felt uneasy all day. All seems to better now, albeit very muddy. We have heard that our main route to town will be closed for six weeks while they fix the road.  We are planning on camping at The LEAF Festival this weekend, but if we do it is going to be a very soggy weekend!

Last Saturday I drove solo to Raleigh NC to vend at The Handmade Market. I met some wonderful customers at the show and even got to squeeze in seeming some friends on the side. Here are a few glimpses of that show:
my next booth over neighbor: Paige Puckett Pottery
I hope everyone else is having a nice week!


show prep

I have been busy getting ready for two shows this coming weekend. I always have a gigantic list of projects I want to get done before a show and typically only a few actually happen. One thing that has been on my to-do list forever that I am making happen this time is a new sign. I am making it out of this weird embossed faux leather.  It is challenging to paint on, but it looks neat!