inspiration :: brita nordgren

 I don't go out much, which is why it was extra special that I had the chance to go to Brita Nordgren's art opening in the River Arts District in Asheville recently.
Brita's paper cut artwork is elaborate, delicate, and interesting.
I especially loved her shadow box type paper cuts and the way they cast shadows on the wall.


from the garden

Our potato harvest hasn't been amazing this year, but they sure look pretty nestled in the colander.


gramps & In the studio

David, Alex, & Alex
Alex's dad Alex (aka Gramps) is visiting this week.  He has been taking Lil and her cousins on trips to town and to the pool daily. Seo has been staying home due to an unfortunate case of hand foot and mouth disease. Although he looks terrible all covered in spots, he is recovering from his sickness quite nicely and has been able to enjoy the time he has with his Gramps thoroughly. 
Because everyone is loving on their grandpa I have been able to sneak away to my studio quite a lot this week. It has been lovely. I am working on a few pieces simultaneously, and I like the direction they seem to be heading.  
a small section of a larger painting in progress:


new work

 It truly feels like forever since I have had a chunk of time in my studio painting. It is hard to loosen up after such a long break...
8" x 10" 
Kelcey Loomer (text by Anais Nin with permission)
paper, acrylic, ink, pen


I have a new painting to show you tomorrow when the light is better for photographing it. I am so excited to share it!
For now I will leave you with this photo since we have been having the most terrific thunderstorms this week.


and more sweet

These two loves-of-my-life astound me daily with their wonderment and enthusiasm.

I have days where I get anxious about the lack of art time in my schedule, but then I always come back to the reminder that my days circle around these two, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  There will be a time when that is not the case, and for now I am trying my best to live in the moment and soak up as much of them as my heart can hold.
Seo picked out Spongebob (I don't think he knows who Spongebob is though) as his face paint at the park the other night. Guesses for what was on his cheek ranged from a pb&jelly sandwich to a paper bag. :)


some more sweet

 Alex took these photos of us picking up some honey at our local honey stand.
A little self-serve farm stand filled with wildwood honey. $15 for a half gallon!


fruit !

After planting fruit trees and bushes a few years ago, we are now harvesting fruit from our land! First we had gooseberries, then mulberries (from a tree that just popped up near our driveway), then lots of sticky mountain berries that eventually fried in the heat wave. 
Now we have figs and blueberries:
Have you ever eaten a fresh fig? It is about the furthest thing from a dried fig. I even heard Lil say about a fig: "It's like ice cream".


big crafty pics

Flowers from our garden in my lap on the way to the show.  Even if we are going to work, leaving the kids with a babysitter feels like a date for me and Alex...
 All set up! We had a great location indoors (which was nice since it was 90 degrees outside!)
We put the larger silver necklaces on clearance to make way for our updated line coming this month!
The 5" x 5" prints mounted on wood were a hit too.
 My craft fair friend Liz (and her husband Stig) from Cozy Blue a few booths down.
Waiting to be loaded back in the truck: our booth all broken down and on the sidewalk. After the show we went out to dinner with my sister and Dave to celebrate the big day. :) 


big crafty prep

prints mounted on oak wood and sealed with resin :: drying in my studio

We are busy getting ready for The Big Crafty tomorrow!


be faithful in small things

Kelcey Loomer 
mixed media and digital medium

Maybe because we jumped on the trampoline before bed (?), or maybe because of the heat (?), Seo didn't fall asleep until past 10 last night. At first I sat quietly downstairs reading and waiting. Then I waited outside in a camping chair drinking a beer. Then Alex tried to cuddle with him. Then, lastly I brought him downstairs when Alex needed to go to sleep.  As he made the slow process of falling asleep on the living room floor, I made this digital collage.
Remember the lonely dogwood blossom I drew this spring? It found a home!
And just when I was thinking he may never fall asleep, he did.