5 miles as a crow flies from our home

We are preparing for a trip north to visit my hometown in a few days and I have been bracing myself for the inevitable homesickness that I feel when I step back into the familiar smells and feelings of fall in New Hampshire.
Yet, I am also so grateful for the sense of place I feel for our life here in the south. I love our home here dearly.This place my own children will call their hometown. I love the beginning of fall here too. I love both places. 


indie craft parade

I finally got around to uploading the photos of the indie craft parade tonight!
The whole show was top notch. It never felt crowded or uncomfortable because they only let a certain number of people into the show at a time. The whole event there was a huge line to get in. The coordinators treated the artists/craftspeople incredibly well too. They even had volunteers coming around asking if they could babysit your booth so you could go to the restroom.
I meant to get some photos of the beautiful old mill building and cute bunting flags they had hanging everywhere, but alas I got knocked down by that stomach bug... such a shame on so many levels! 

Greenville SC is such a great and artistic town. Alex and I were totally blown away and we look forward to visiting again!


new yoga studio!

David and Ema finished building their yoga studio! It overlooks our little stream and the woods, and it feels really open and peaceful inside. 
Here is a view of it from our front door:

And here is the view from the yoga studio looking back at our two homes. I love David and Ema's living roof in this photo. Isn't it amazing? Also, that vine on the bottom of the photo is our muscadine (A grapevine species). They are just starting to ripen. 
photo credit my friend Heidi



This past weekend Alex and I left the kids with a combination of family and friends (thanks guys!) to participate in the Greenville SC Indie Craft Parade. In retrospect, one of us could have done it alone, but it was nice to have a mini work-vacation together. We realized it was the first time we have slept alone (not sharing a bedroom with the kids or sleeping in a friend or families house) in 5 years! Let me say that again... 5 years! wowza... It was awesome... until I woke up on the last day of the show (and my birthday to boot) with a stomach bug. I spent the day in bed at the hotel while Alex wrapped up the show.
Overall the show was amazing. I am sure I will share more when I get around to uploading the photos from our phone. In the meantime I thought I would share the work of our Indie Craft Parade neighbor, Katie, from Concrete Lace:

She makes the best letter-pressed cards and posters. (Check out her Etsy shop!) She made our good weekend even better with her sweetness and sense of humor. Being next to the right person at a show (esp. a long one like this) can make all the difference.



Lili started her "Farm School" class today! Two days a week she will be going to the sweetest little enrichment program about 20 mins from our house. They have chickens, goats, kittens, a creek to play in, a tiny little classroom space, and a garden to help in. On Mondays they also take Spanish and music lessons.

As she popped out of the car upon returning home I asked her "So, how was farm school?"
and she replied "Adios!"
and I said "Do you know what that means?"
and she waved at me.

And not to be too melodramatic, but having her away from home at her first day of school does feel like adios to my little Lili ~ and hola to my big girl.


new design :: lacy field

The first design for Seed & Sky's fall collection. This image is called Lacy Field. The jewelry is still in production and not available quite yet. Soon!
This is the necklace image:
 and the earring design is made up of two details from the necklace design: 


arts & fun festival

While we were vending at the ever-fantastical Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival in downtown Asheville yesterday Seed & Sky was featured on the Etsy Front page! We make the front page about once a month, but the feature is only up for one hour, so when it happens at 4:00am it is not nearly as exciting as 1:00pm on a Sunday. I particularly like this one too... very fallish! It was curated by Natta of the beautiful shop Loft Full of Goodies. See my owls right in the middle?

(Check out some photos of LAAFF HERE!) + thanks to all the new friends we made yesterday!



A good moment from this week: Sharing my love of picture books with the kiddos.