Lili started her "Farm School" class today! Two days a week she will be going to the sweetest little enrichment program about 20 mins from our house. They have chickens, goats, kittens, a creek to play in, a tiny little classroom space, and a garden to help in. On Mondays they also take Spanish and music lessons.

As she popped out of the car upon returning home I asked her "So, how was farm school?"
and she replied "Adios!"
and I said "Do you know what that means?"
and she waved at me.

And not to be too melodramatic, but having her away from home at her first day of school does feel like adios to my little Lili ~ and hola to my big girl.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you let her pick out her own clothes tooooo! Looking sharp Lil :)