Look! It's Martin Anderson of WNCW (WNC's awesome radio station) with his thumb on my artwork that is gracing the cover of Jon Reid's album. Visit HERE to listen to some of Jon's sweet music! That was a fun surprise to see on Facebook tonight :)


soggy show

We vended at Art in Autumn in Weaverville NC today in the pouring, poring rain. The forecast looked bleak when Alex left the house at 5am and it didn't improve. That didn't stop people from coming out though! I am amazed at how great of a show it ended up being all things considered. 
When I was putting the kids to bed the weather broke and this beautiful rainbow filled the sky. We paused bedtime to watch it. for all the rain we have had this year we haven't seen very many rainbows, so we felt pretty lucky. 


indie craft parade wrap up

Our weekend in Greenville SC vending at the Indie Craft Parade was amazing. First-off, I truly love Greenville. We stayed in a hotel right across the street from our show and Alex and I switched on and off who was with the kids. Downtown has lots of sculptures and fountains and was easy to walk around with the kids. Seo had a cold and was not on his best behavior (three has been more challenging than two???) but overall the family survived and had a sweet time.
Here we are, on a morning walk, looking for the 9 small bronze mice hidden on the main street:
 our crafty neighbor roundabout
 Some new large teardrop earrings I made for the show:
 Keeping the kids busy behind the booth with a movie on our ipad. Alex is busy making more necklaces because we kept selling out of our pre-made ones. :)
 another crafty neighbor Auspicious Miss:
I wish I had taken a lot more photos. I am feeling really, really, grateful and happy about all of the wonderful people in Greenville who came out and showed us SO much love! 


right now

We won't start our official first day of home-school until next week. I am feeling nervous and excited. I am piecing together different curriculums for her in addition to the two days she will be at her farm school. I don't know how many years we will home-school, we plan on taking it year by year. Right now it feels just right though. When asked what she would like to learn this year she answered in this order:
#1. Learn to fish
#2. Learn to read

Meanwhile, we are taking turns hanging with these two goofballs while the other parent is working, working, working, getting ready for the three big shows we are doing over the next three weeks. (Indie Craft Parade in Greenville SC, Big Love in Asheville, & Art in Autumn in Weaverville NC).

The rain has slowed down here, and we are enjoying some last hints of summer.
Earlier while I worked the kids and Alex went on a long adventure walk. (Didn't you know you need sunglasses for an adventure walk?)


new design :: firefly

 Two new designs for a cluster necklace dedicated to fireflies. Sort of a last good-bye to summer I suppose...