Etsy front page

My artwork made it onto the Etsy home page twice this week. Hooray!



 A constant, soggy mess of tomato seeds and grape skins down Seo's front.
Some Daddy-love after work.
lights of my life...


new painting

 Something Attainable
Kelcey Loomer 
Paper, acrylic, ink, glue, pencil
8" x 10"

© 2011

and some details :)


In light of the execution of Troy Davis last night. 
The death penalty isn't a deterrent any more than life in prison is. It doesn't save money - in fact it costs more.  And mistakes have, and will be made: "Newly available DNA evidence has allowed the exoneration of more than 15 death row inmates since 1992 in the U.S." wikipedia 

Politics have become extraordinarily complicated these days, but I feel that all political parties, & all faiths, & all sensible people should be able to unite and abolish the death penalty without hesitation. 


fox design / oak design

Oak Design   © Kelcey Loomer 2011
Red Fox Art  © Kelcey Loomer 2011
Two new fall-inspired illustrations for the shop!


weekend gratitude list

* For homemade rye bread (Complements of Alex and Lili)
* For the smell of bread cooking in our home
* For football season because Alex sits down and finally takes a break (even though I personally don't love football).
* For time away to paint & for my own tiny room in which to dream.
* For seeing Lili and Seo hugging this morning.
* For hearing new words from Seo every day (he is barely talking though). Yesterday it was "Uh-Oh" only there was a long pause between the words, so it was more like "Uh........Ooooo".
* For our abundance of food and clean spring water.
* For the change in temperature this weekend that made everything feel more fall-ish.
* For the chance to read good children's books daily.


seed & sky designs

More playing around with new photos & adding some new designs to Seed & Sky.
happy weekend ~ xxx


diy photo shoot #2

I was playing around with my new light box outside in the sun with no lights on it. It seemed to be working well, but then a huge dark cloud loomed overhead. I quickly switched gears and set up this wobbly photo shoot for my prints. The clouds act as a filter for the light, much the same as the white fabric or tissue paper. In some ways it is a lot easier to just take photos on a cloudy day. But it is very difficult to keep the lighting consistent (if that is important to you) and the risk of rain is of course high.

My pictures look decent. I feel like I still have a lot of work to do to make them stand out and look AMAZING. But so far so good :)


detail / process

diy lightbox

 I built a light box out of a cardboard box, and it was very easy. (See the tutorial I used here) I used a cardboard box, white tissue paper, and two lights that I bought at the hardware store with 100 watt bulbs.  I placed the box in a sunny window for natural light as well.  I am testing out some new photos for the shop. I also added some new necklaces that were part of my first photo shoot:


Group Show at Artstream

A couple weeks ago I shipped four newer paintings of mine to the Artstream Gallery in Rochester, NH. I am pleased to be a part of a group show there called Play/Art/Toy.

Soon the paintings will also be visible in Artstream's online shop as well.

It has been awhile since I have had work in a gallery setting.This summer I decided I wanted to build up a body of work (10-15 paintings was my goal) before I listed any for sale. However, when Susan (See her great blog here) contacted me about participating in this show I couldn't resist. I am still working on building up a body of paintings though. I spent my birthday yesterday in my studio working on a small painting & it was a lovely day.


soaking up the remnants of summer...

At the Highland Brewery, drinking a dark pint with my sister and my love, watching the kids run around the field gleefully, while listening to the Galen Kipar Project... One of those nights you know you will look back on with longing when you are in the dead of winter..; 


booth display

 Pictures from this past weekend at LAAFF.
When there was a break in the crowd I got on the other side of the street to take a booth photo. Just then a man wearing a tight mermaid outfit and a loudspeaker started tiptoeing by (His tail only allowed him to take tiny steps) in front of my booth. He looked at me with the camera and he struck a pose. I was too startled to take a photo, and he quickly realized I wasn't intending to take a picture of him, and he looked embarrassed and shuffled along. I really wish I had snapped that photo...



Autumn Inward
Paper, acrylic, ink, glue, pencil
8" x 10"