with love from: the lemur, the mom, elmo, and the cowboy dad. 


trying hard

I found out about an amazing artist residency program in Asheville a few days before the deadline to apply happened last week. I had no idea what my chances were at being chosen for the Asheville smART Space Program was, but I scrambled and worked my butt off pulling together a 3-page project proposal and a resume for it. I was happy with what I came up with. 
Here is a sketch I made for my proposal:
It was great to sit down, dream big, and vocalize some ideas I have been wanting to bring to fruition.  

And........ my project was not chosen. 
When I read the rejection email of course there was a little disappointment, however I have to say that the overwhelming feeling I had was triumph. I know that sounds weird, but it harks back to this quote:
If we’re not failing at something on a regular basis, we’re just not trying hard enough.
I feel like in the past I have always taken "safe" chances and stayed within my comfort zone. I have had a lot of success from this and not much failure. And recently I have started to see some failures, and it feels good. I feel like I am finally moving into a place where I am pushing my limits and reaching for my big dreams. 
And it feels wonderful.


black snake

There was a gigantic surprise sunbathing in my studio...

Yep. This 4.5' snake was hangin' out in my 7.5' studio.
When I came in the door it slithered under the desk and up into my stash of large paper in the corner. After my heart rate went back down to a normal level I set up a five-gallon-bucket-trap. After prodding it with a dowel and getting spooked a couple of times, I finally managed to steer it into the bucket.
I called Lil over and we tipped it out a little ways from the studio. It finally slithered away toward our stream. And that should have been the end of my snake story.

Should have been. But... The snake came back. About an hour later it was stretched out in front of the studio. I was hanging laundry and almost stepped on it; this time I screamed. The snake and I both jumped back from each other. I crouched down and we looked in each other's eyes for a while. Then it started making it's way right for me. Flicking it's black tongue out as it went. When it was about a foot away I stood up and it moved right by me~ only an inch from my foot~ and into the bushes behind the studio.

Even though I never got a malicious feeling from the snake.... and they are not poisonous... I haven't felt as comfortable in my studio since. 


leaf weekend...

We just returned from our family vacation at the LEAF Festival.
The LEAF Festival's mission is to "Connect cultures & create community through music and art."
They bring in and support music from all over world. It is truly amazing.
Some of my favorite musicians this time were: Sweet Honey In The Rock, Toubab Krewe, The Infamous Stringdusters, Rising Appalachia, Bassekou Kouyate, Rebirth Brass Band, Peter Mawanga & Leo Kottke.
I am grateful to have such an experience in my own town...

These photos are from the LEAF parade. It is an eclectic mix of kids, adults, puppets, bananas (???), jugglers, stilt walkers, and musicians. ♥



Southeastern Women's Herbal Conference

I am sitting here on this gorgeous Monday morning, drinking coffee out of my new handmade mug by Julie Covington that my friend Nikki gave me for my birthday, and it fits me just right. A perfect mug filled with good coffee is blissful....
Alex took the kids to town so I could get some work done. If you are thinking to yourself "Kelcey, you are sneaky, writing on your blog when you are supposed to be working" you would be mistaken. Part of our new revamping of our lives includes the blog as part of my "work". YES!
Two weeks ago Alex finished up the big house he was building for the last year and half. He will be taking on odd landscaping, building, and window washing jobs~ but for the main part we are dedicating ourselves to our Art and Seed and Seed & Sky. I won't lie, it is scary as hell, but so exhilarating too.  I am thinking of putting a note with all my sales that says something like: Thank you for supporting me in living my dream! Because that is what it is. We are attempting to create the exact sort of life that nourishes our hearts. Working hard, being dedicated parents, and spreading beauty and stories through art.
So, what better way to begin this new phase of our lives than with the Southeastern Women's Herbal Conference this past weekend. It started off nerve-wracking. The wind was fierce that opening day with gusts up to 40mph. Tents were breaking and ripping and all of the vendors and conference coordinators (because many of the classroom spaces were tents as well) were jittery and anxious about the weather. However, the second day opened with calmer winds and a collective sigh of relief from all of us.  And so began an amazing weekend...

I was caught off guard at how appreciative and in awe these 1000 women would be to my artwork and jewelry. It gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes to think back on all of the incredible stories people told me when they saw my art and what it brought up for them. So many amazing animal stories too... For the first time in my life I truly felt like a vessel for healing and hope in the world.

Normally at the end of a weekend show I feel utterly exhausted, but today I feel renewed and inspired instead. All these women were thanking me for my art, and I want to say thank you back. Thank you for "getting" what I am saying through my paintings. Thank you for supporting me in living my dream! 


p.s.~ A big shout out to my sister-in-law Ema and my friends who organize and help make this conference a reality! 



You all are invited to come read my interview with Susan from the Artstream Gallery HERE ~ enjoy!


skeleton dance

Here you will find the original Skeleton Dance by our daughter formerly known as Lili - who insisted on going by the name Rainbow Crystal all last week - but who now goes by the name: Rainbow Crystal Sparkle Unicorn Sparkle-hair.

Enjoy Rainbow Crystal Sparkle Unicorn Sparkle-hair's dance!


art studio

 shifting :: reorganizing :: beautifying :: making sense of my work space. 

Sorry to not have been here much the last couple weeks. As Alex moves away from his full time work we have been busy-busy prepping for our big change. More to come soon I am sure!

xxx Kelcey



Sketching out some ideas for earring cards & holiday packaging (It seems absurd to say the word aloud, but now is the time...) this morning.

And HERE is a video of Eliseo. It isn't the most exciting/cutest of videos ~ but it captures him saying his favorite word: "Uh-Oh". He still is barely talking. Aside from his sign language, 90% of what he verbally says is "Yay!" and "Uh-Oh". He will point to something he wants and say "Yay!" and when you give him something good he says "Yay!". And if something drops or is out of place, he says "Uh-Oh!".

I hope wherever you are you are having a lovely weekend!