Southeastern Women's Herbal Conference

I am sitting here on this gorgeous Monday morning, drinking coffee out of my new handmade mug by Julie Covington that my friend Nikki gave me for my birthday, and it fits me just right. A perfect mug filled with good coffee is blissful....
Alex took the kids to town so I could get some work done. If you are thinking to yourself "Kelcey, you are sneaky, writing on your blog when you are supposed to be working" you would be mistaken. Part of our new revamping of our lives includes the blog as part of my "work". YES!
Two weeks ago Alex finished up the big house he was building for the last year and half. He will be taking on odd landscaping, building, and window washing jobs~ but for the main part we are dedicating ourselves to our Art and Seed and Seed & Sky. I won't lie, it is scary as hell, but so exhilarating too.  I am thinking of putting a note with all my sales that says something like: Thank you for supporting me in living my dream! Because that is what it is. We are attempting to create the exact sort of life that nourishes our hearts. Working hard, being dedicated parents, and spreading beauty and stories through art.
So, what better way to begin this new phase of our lives than with the Southeastern Women's Herbal Conference this past weekend. It started off nerve-wracking. The wind was fierce that opening day with gusts up to 40mph. Tents were breaking and ripping and all of the vendors and conference coordinators (because many of the classroom spaces were tents as well) were jittery and anxious about the weather. However, the second day opened with calmer winds and a collective sigh of relief from all of us.  And so began an amazing weekend...

I was caught off guard at how appreciative and in awe these 1000 women would be to my artwork and jewelry. It gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes to think back on all of the incredible stories people told me when they saw my art and what it brought up for them. So many amazing animal stories too... For the first time in my life I truly felt like a vessel for healing and hope in the world.

Normally at the end of a weekend show I feel utterly exhausted, but today I feel renewed and inspired instead. All these women were thanking me for my art, and I want to say thank you back. Thank you for "getting" what I am saying through my paintings. Thank you for supporting me in living my dream! 


p.s.~ A big shout out to my sister-in-law Ema and my friends who organize and help make this conference a reality! 


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog post. And your success is well deserved, as your artwork is truly beautiful.

Liz said...

I am soooo happy to read about your experience last weekend, especially given the feelings you shared with me after the other show you recently attended. You absolutely deserve to leave every show feeling the way you do now. You work is worthy of all the praise and admiration you received.
Love you!!

wildviolets said...

Your coffee looks delicious and rich!:) Lovely picture and happy. You are truly so inspiring and create such special work. I loved spending the weekend with you and being surrounded by your art. It filled me with love and joy and your creative images have filled my head and dreams all weekend. Now I am excited to find a home for my beautiful prints, thank you!:) You have an amazing dream and you are reaching so many with your work. Healing, beauty, change and love.

Linda said...

What more could a mom want but to have her daughter and son-in-law living their dream, nurturing theirs, their children's, and others' lives? I am blessed to have just that daughter! Amazing heart and amazing art. We are lucky for what you share, so, thank you!
xxxooolove, mom

Anonymous said...

Yay, Kelcey and Alex! I am so proud of you guys and all the hard work you have/are/will put into this project! The world is more beautiful because of you.
PS: since it's late, I'll just call you in the a.m.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

What a great thing to do. Yes, it is scary, but living life is scary and persuing your dream is scary bec. it is not the norm. Keep it up.

Cindy said...

Kelc, I'm so glad things are falling into place so that you can do what you love together! Congratulations! And I'm sure I'll be ordering a couple Christmas gifts from you! So glad you got to visit Caren, Dave and Clara in Durham! :)
Love to you all,
PS loved the skeleton dances too!! :)