trying hard

I found out about an amazing artist residency program in Asheville a few days before the deadline to apply happened last week. I had no idea what my chances were at being chosen for the Asheville smART Space Program was, but I scrambled and worked my butt off pulling together a 3-page project proposal and a resume for it. I was happy with what I came up with. 
Here is a sketch I made for my proposal:
It was great to sit down, dream big, and vocalize some ideas I have been wanting to bring to fruition.  

And........ my project was not chosen. 
When I read the rejection email of course there was a little disappointment, however I have to say that the overwhelming feeling I had was triumph. I know that sounds weird, but it harks back to this quote:
If we’re not failing at something on a regular basis, we’re just not trying hard enough.
I feel like in the past I have always taken "safe" chances and stayed within my comfort zone. I have had a lot of success from this and not much failure. And recently I have started to see some failures, and it feels good. I feel like I am finally moving into a place where I am pushing my limits and reaching for my big dreams. 
And it feels wonderful.


wildviolets said...

So sorry you did not get it Kelcey:) Maybe it is not the time for you! I am so proud of you for trying and putting your beautiful work out there!! What a huge accomplishment to get the resume and projects done! You are an amazing artist!!

Anonymous said...

KK, so sorry you didn't get in! I hadn't seen your blog when we talked earlier... But I TOTALLY agree with your sentiment that it is important to be failing, as proof that we are pushing ourselves. Mucho amore to you, and I'll be in touch soon.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

the sketch is very beautiful! interesting about the failing thing. hopefully you got some feedback related to it? and now you have some big things done/started :)