Sketching out some ideas for earring cards & holiday packaging (It seems absurd to say the word aloud, but now is the time...) this morning.

And HERE is a video of Eliseo. It isn't the most exciting/cutest of videos ~ but it captures him saying his favorite word: "Uh-Oh". He still is barely talking. Aside from his sign language, 90% of what he verbally says is "Yay!" and "Uh-Oh". He will point to something he wants and say "Yay!" and when you give him something good he says "Yay!". And if something drops or is out of place, he says "Uh-Oh!".

I hope wherever you are you are having a lovely weekend!

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chris said...

so fascinating to watch babies play! interesting the verbalization as he first stacks each of the blocks. it's all the same intonation, it sounds deliberate, and he says it for each block. sounds like emerging language to me! but i still like the intial "yay" the best though - as in "all those blocks! i made them fit! i did it!"