new work

some chunky (they are 1 1/2" deep) four by four inch collage paintings I have been working on...


some snippets from the day today...

Here Lil, let me get you in your car seat now. Why? Because it is time to get in the car.Why? Because we are headed to Ingles. Why?

Please don't touch those Lili. Why? Because they are scissors and they are sharp. Why? Why are they sharp? Why? Lilikoi, please put those down. Why? Because those are Mama's. Why? They just are, Thank you for listening. Why? Why what? Why?

What doing Mommy? Making a smoothie. Why? So we can have some smoothie. Why? Because you like smoothies. Why? Why do you think?... Why? Argh Lilikoi, why what? Why Mama? I have no idea. Why? Just because.


old work

In lieu of not doing much journalling recently, I have been taking on the project of documenting some of my older journals. These are some pages from the preceding journal to the one I am keeping now. Someday I hope to have scanned all of my journal work and be able to see it all together in one place, rather than in individual journals.


30 days of happiness :: 25

PJs with feet...
and kisses nigh-nights...
and picture books before bed...


new work

Here are some more of the ornaments I have been working on this past week. They will be shrunk down, printed, and glued on 2" thick glass tiles. I think they will look very nice, but it always a little scary not knowing for certain. I suppose that is why some people do samples or trials before they jump headfirst into making 200 of something. Well, I think trial runs are just for scaredy-cats. ;)



I flew solo to Michigan to visit some dear girlfriends this past weekend. It was way to quick, but really nice to have some quality old friend time. My friend Carrie lives in Ann Arbor and she showed us around downtown (including a Greg Brown concert!), took us on a beautiful walk along the river, opened her home to us, and brought us to the most spectacular paper store I have EVER seen. (Click here to see Hollander's online store. Um, It is heavenly... you should peek.)
Here we are taking our long walk along the river with non-stop catching up that would drive our partners crazy... It was so beautiful out...
There is nothing like time spent with older friends to shine clarity on your present life. And there is also nothing like a little space from your home life to make you appreciate it. It was my first overnight away from Lili and she did great~ barely missing me. Supposedly she said on the first morning when she woke up and I still wasn't around "Mama at work? and Alex replied, "Yeah, I guess so" and she just said, "Oh!" and that was that. ♥


holiday time

So I have begun making holiday things. I must say it feels very weird. I am savoring all the bits of fall that I love, and then painting images of snowflakes and Christmas trees... it just feels wrong. But, each year when I wait until the holiday spirit prompts me to make holiday goods it is too late to sell them. So even though it would have been practical to start this endeavor in the summer I am quite proud of myself for not waiting until Thanksgiving. I went out to do my errands the day after Halloween and was inundated with all the stores busting out the holiday stuff already. Maybe it is just me, but I find it disconcerting. So on that note, I am sharing an image I created to make ornaments from. One of the not-so-Christmasy ones. I am sure I will show you them all at some point, but not yet. I am still enjoying the Halloween-y-ness around here...


30 days of happiness : 23

22 weeks!
Some facts about the baby's development at this point: "Your baby is about 11 inches long and weighs in at about 1 pound. The eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed, and the fingernails cover the fingertips. Sounds from a conversation are loud enough to be heard by the fetus in the uterus. If you talk, read, or sing to your baby, it's reasonable to expect him or her to be able to hear you."



Halloween was a rainy, foggy day, but we stayed festive by carving pumpkins inside. The rain cleared up just in time to go trick-or-treating!
Auntie Ema took a shift bringing the little dragon to the doors:
When we got home Alex had our pumpkins all lit up waiting for us!
We finished off the day by having a homemade pizza and dance party with our neighbors. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable day too!