new work

Here are some more of the ornaments I have been working on this past week. They will be shrunk down, printed, and glued on 2" thick glass tiles. I think they will look very nice, but it always a little scary not knowing for certain. I suppose that is why some people do samples or trials before they jump headfirst into making 200 of something. Well, I think trial runs are just for scaredy-cats. ;)


Linda said...

I LOVE them! I think they'll be a smash hit. How do I order some? Strictly business daughter dear. . . so please do tell!

Meghan said...

I think they are awesome! :) Will they go onto your etsy site? I was also wondering if you are selling any of the necklace pendants? I have some people I'd love to give them to!

Sweet Mess said...

Hopefully I will put these on my etsy site as soon as I finish them. (I am waiting on my glass order.) I will let you all know when this happens. :)