I flew solo to Michigan to visit some dear girlfriends this past weekend. It was way to quick, but really nice to have some quality old friend time. My friend Carrie lives in Ann Arbor and she showed us around downtown (including a Greg Brown concert!), took us on a beautiful walk along the river, opened her home to us, and brought us to the most spectacular paper store I have EVER seen. (Click here to see Hollander's online store. Um, It is heavenly... you should peek.)
Here we are taking our long walk along the river with non-stop catching up that would drive our partners crazy... It was so beautiful out...
There is nothing like time spent with older friends to shine clarity on your present life. And there is also nothing like a little space from your home life to make you appreciate it. It was my first overnight away from Lili and she did great~ barely missing me. Supposedly she said on the first morning when she woke up and I still wasn't around "Mama at work? and Alex replied, "Yeah, I guess so" and she just said, "Oh!" and that was that. ♥

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david said...

holy shmolly thats cool...I can see my house from here

love David