Sometimes the wide gap of time neglected stretches out like a stream swelling and it feels like greater and greater gestures must be made to make up for the distance between shores.

In truth, the best thing to do might be to cup your hands to your mouth and call out "hello out there!"
Something simple.


Rainy days

Started out the rainy day movie like this (by choice.)
Finished off the movie like this:


booth display improvements

Our booth display discussion last week culminated on July 4th as our family wandered around target looking for paper doilies or something else that would fit the idea I had in my head for displaying our designs. It was 8:30 at night, pouring rain, and we were biding time to see if the firework display would actually happen because the kids reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to see fireworks. Target is not the place to buy paper doilies if you were curious, but I found these melamine plates that with a bit of altering fit my vision perfectly. We flipped them around, drilled two holes at the top, and spray-painted them with white spray paint (the kind formulated for plastic.)
When they were dry I mounted my round prints in the center circle and pinned the plate up, and lastly I draped a necklace featuring the same design from the pins. I was really happy with the results. Here is how it looked at The Big Crafty this past weekend:
The Big Crafty was super fun as always. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us! 

p.s~ The Asheville fireworks show went on despite the downpour. Watching fireworks in the rain was certainly a first. The kids didn't mind a bit. To quote Lili "Best Day EVER!!!"


Forever rain...

I am sitting here drinking my morning coffee in a patch of sunshine. Every couple of minutes a cloud darkens the couch and I am reminded again just how soggy and gray this past week has been for western North Carolina. My friend has a rain barometer and she recorded over 10 inches of rain this past week! Our driveway is a ruty mess, and our raised bed filled with bean plants has looked like a swimming pool more often than not. 
But now a huge swatch of rain that was forecasted to bring even more rain and flooding seems to be narrowly missing us as it moves north. It looks like the Big Crafty show tomorrow might not be a wash-out after all! 
Hope you are having a nice weekend!



Some doodles I drew tonight while Alex and I talked about booth display improvements. It seems to be a never ending discussion!


A-round here

Dish water

All the hoola hoops

We are busy getting ready for The summer Big Crafty this coming weekend. Jewelry to build & pour, price signs to make, displays to alter to fit our new jewelry cards, and lots of other little details. It's fun. 

Pre-show weeks used to feel stressful, but we have fallen into a nice routine, and I don't feel stressed (usually). It is fun to have a bit of extra time to think about superfluous details.