fox design / oak design

Oak Design   © Kelcey Loomer 2011
Red Fox Art  © Kelcey Loomer 2011
Two new fall-inspired illustrations for the shop!


Anonymous said...

LOVE them both! and love you too! when can we hang out????? i'll call you soon. xoxox

chris said...

i can't decide which one i like better! both are wonderful!!

Esther said...

I especially love the oak!

Liz said...

Wowee- zowee, those are great! Both are destined for greatness, there's not question. Bang up job, Loomy! I want to wear the oak in one ear and the fox in the other.

100 Proof Press said...

I seriously love both of those!
I like the fox in one ear and the oak in the other idea!

wildviolets said...

I love them!