indie craft parade wrap up

Our weekend in Greenville SC vending at the Indie Craft Parade was amazing. First-off, I truly love Greenville. We stayed in a hotel right across the street from our show and Alex and I switched on and off who was with the kids. Downtown has lots of sculptures and fountains and was easy to walk around with the kids. Seo had a cold and was not on his best behavior (three has been more challenging than two???) but overall the family survived and had a sweet time.
Here we are, on a morning walk, looking for the 9 small bronze mice hidden on the main street:
 our crafty neighbor roundabout
 Some new large teardrop earrings I made for the show:
 Keeping the kids busy behind the booth with a movie on our ipad. Alex is busy making more necklaces because we kept selling out of our pre-made ones. :)
 another crafty neighbor Auspicious Miss:
I wish I had taken a lot more photos. I am feeling really, really, grateful and happy about all of the wonderful people in Greenville who came out and showed us SO much love! 

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