5 miles as a crow flies from our home

We are preparing for a trip north to visit my hometown in a few days and I have been bracing myself for the inevitable homesickness that I feel when I step back into the familiar smells and feelings of fall in New Hampshire.
Yet, I am also so grateful for the sense of place I feel for our life here in the south. I love our home here dearly.This place my own children will call their hometown. I love the beginning of fall here too. I love both places. 


chris said...

oh, how exciting!! and foliage is beginning! have a wonderful stay in NH!!

Caren said...

Isn't it kind of wild how the topography of our childhoods vary so much from those of our children! And yet, if you squint, that top image looks like Bradley Lake!

Erin said...

Say hello for me... As you know, I have many of the same feelings about "home" but now I have no family to go back too there. Enjoy and take a deep break of fall air for me.