indie craft parade

I finally got around to uploading the photos of the indie craft parade tonight!
The whole show was top notch. It never felt crowded or uncomfortable because they only let a certain number of people into the show at a time. The whole event there was a huge line to get in. The coordinators treated the artists/craftspeople incredibly well too. They even had volunteers coming around asking if they could babysit your booth so you could go to the restroom.
I meant to get some photos of the beautiful old mill building and cute bunting flags they had hanging everywhere, but alas I got knocked down by that stomach bug... such a shame on so many levels! 

Greenville SC is such a great and artistic town. Alex and I were totally blown away and we look forward to visiting again!

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Linda said...

I love watching your work and displays evolve over time. I know first hand that It's so much effort to pull off a cohesive, inviting booth but you've certainly accomplished it! Your work is beautiful, simply wonderful.