gramps & In the studio

David, Alex, & Alex
Alex's dad Alex (aka Gramps) is visiting this week.  He has been taking Lil and her cousins on trips to town and to the pool daily. Seo has been staying home due to an unfortunate case of hand foot and mouth disease. Although he looks terrible all covered in spots, he is recovering from his sickness quite nicely and has been able to enjoy the time he has with his Gramps thoroughly. 
Because everyone is loving on their grandpa I have been able to sneak away to my studio quite a lot this week. It has been lovely. I am working on a few pieces simultaneously, and I like the direction they seem to be heading.  
a small section of a larger painting in progress:


Anonymous said...

Hey! It looks like you are working on a big piece. What size is it? Where are you going to show it when you are done???

Sweet Mess said...

Hi Lynn!
It is 24" x 30". I am participating in the Biltmore Village Art & Craft Fair in Biltmore Village on August 4th and 5th. My booth will only be my art this time (no jewelry) ~ so hopefully this painting will be complete by then!