fruit !

After planting fruit trees and bushes a few years ago, we are now harvesting fruit from our land! First we had gooseberries, then mulberries (from a tree that just popped up near our driveway), then lots of sticky mountain berries that eventually fried in the heat wave. 
Now we have figs and blueberries:
Have you ever eaten a fresh fig? It is about the furthest thing from a dried fig. I even heard Lil say about a fig: "It's like ice cream".


Kathy Roussel said...

I have been wanting to plant a fig tree so bad. I know you are excited to get fruit! We have a couple of apple trees, nectarine and peach but have not gotten any edible fruit as of yet.

Sweet Mess said...

Kathy, Yes, it it gives a whole new meaning to the term "coming to fruition!"

Kathy Roussel said...

It is nice to meet you. I happened upon your blog through youtube. I was looking at some small house ideas for inspiration on things we might have overlooked and found your vid.