be faithful in small things

Kelcey Loomer 
mixed media and digital medium

Maybe because we jumped on the trampoline before bed (?), or maybe because of the heat (?), Seo didn't fall asleep until past 10 last night. At first I sat quietly downstairs reading and waiting. Then I waited outside in a camping chair drinking a beer. Then Alex tried to cuddle with him. Then, lastly I brought him downstairs when Alex needed to go to sleep.  As he made the slow process of falling asleep on the living room floor, I made this digital collage.
Remember the lonely dogwood blossom I drew this spring? It found a home!
And just when I was thinking he may never fall asleep, he did.


Anonymous said...

I love this piece, KK, and the story about Seo too. Miss you!

Amanda said...

love Mother Teresa.

One of my favorite of her quotes is. "we are not called to be successful, only to be faithful"

Sweet Mess said...

I love that one too Amanda! Thanks for stopping by!