Proof there was morning sunlight on my counter this morning! (It has been the rainiest summer...)

5 things from today

*dinner: pasta with butter and fresh basil, roasted green beans (from our garden) with garlic, and pork sausage that was given to us from friends who raised the pig themselves. 

* spent some time working on a new design based on fireflies. 

* the other day Lili asked if she could hang a piece of her art on the unfinished wall behind the wood stove and we said of course. Over the last two days she started using it as her personal gallery. Maybe tomorrow i can snap a photo of it...

*while I worked Alex wrestled and rough-housed with the kids for what seemed like hours. 

* our new zucchini plants we planted came up.


Summer nights

Last night we ate bruschetta with garlic rubbed on the sourdough bread. Tonight leftover turkey meatballs, cheese quesidillas, and fresh green beans from the garden.  We ate later than normal and set the kids ( plus one friend) out to eat in the front yard on a picnic blanket while Alex and ate on the couch and sipped boxed wine. We talked about work and the kids ( as always.)
After dinner Lil skipped off with her friend to have a sleepover next door, a giant penguin stuffed animal in her arms. Alex did the dishes. Seo restlessly fell asleep to the sound of our large fan + sound machine. 
The days still feel long and drawn out.



Last week little birds chirped from this nest that was tucked in a big loop of extension cord in our tool shed. When we came in to find the nest abandoned we took it down and examined it. Made of moss and twigs mainly, the interior was lined with Atticus fur (our dog who passed away in December.) 

It was a bittersweet find. 

I am left with the lingering question: were they were taken by the chicken-killing raccoon who has been sneaking into our chicken coop, or did this dog fur lined shelter serve it's purpose and see them to flight.


seed & sky Sale!!!

Last time I had a sale I forgot to mention it here until the last minute, so I wanted to share this for all my Seed & Sky fans out there that are not on facebook! xxx Kelcey
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10 years

Next to a beloved lake and in front of our family and friends, Alex and I vowed to journey together. That was ten years ago.
Since that day we have dug garden beds and chain-sawed down trees to make room. We lived in a school bus for two years while we built our home. We loved, and then lost,our two cats and our dog Atticus. We co-raised a herd of goats for a few years. Planting a permanent bed of asparagus and fruit trees. We started a business together. We birthed two babies that are no longer babies... We got some wrinkles, gray hairs, some stretch marks, learned some patience... We are still growing deeper, bending...