Things to be grateful for.

I am was having an evening of crumpled expectations of what tonight was going to be. The kids were tucked in bed by 7:00, and Alex and I were planning on eating a late dinner together and then getting out our art supplies and working on some of the more monotonous art projects while we watched a movie. I am realizing as I write this down, that it probably does not sound like an exciting Saturday night at all. Ahem, I just don't know what to say about that. It sounded good to me?


Eliseo's first tooth broke through the bottom gum this afternoon. He couldn't fall asleep in his crib and he needed to come downstairs to be rocked to sleep. In the meantime he woke up Lili. She sprung out of bed after 45 mins of sleep like it was morning time. Alex tried to convince her to go back to sleep by laying with her but I could hear her up there tapping her foot against the wall. It didn't work. So we made her some hot milk (with a couple drops of stevia instead of white sugar) because somewhere in the back of my head I remember it is supposed to make you tired to drink hot milk. When Alex passed over her sippy cup she practically started jumping for joy on the bed saying it was hot coco. "No, no, we are not giving you hot cocco when it is past your bedtime Lil, it is hot milk."
She took a sip.
"No!!! It IS hot coco!!!!!!!"
boing boing boing!
Alex and I just raised our eyebrows and shook our heads as we clearly saw the demise of our night together.
We put on a "dora" movie for her on the portable dvd player and left her upstairs.

Seo stirred from his sleeping throne on the couch every crunch of nachos we ate.
He has been waking every 1/2 hour to cry out in pain. I feed him some teething tablets, I nurse him again. Alex goes up to lie down with Lili after the movie is done. I am downstairs trying not to make a peep. Finally it all seems quiet and I tiptoe upstairs. She is finally asleep... but so is Alex. I pull on his toe and ask if he is done for the night. "Uh... yeah, sorry Kelc..."
It is 10:15.

I have a moment of self pity for this lost Saturday night. But then I realize~ oh well, it isn't exactly lost~
So I made myself a hot toddy and sat down to write this here blog post.  And so my gratitude list for tonight:
  • our home that we can call our own.
  • peacefully sleeping babies (both are at the moment)
  • the seven months I have spent with my toothless miracle Seo. 
  • the almost 3 years I have gotten to be with Lilikoi (but it feels like a lifetime).
  • my hard working, good looking, friend of a hubby.
  • my sister and brother-in-law/sister-in-law living so near to us. 
  • whiskey (although, not in excess)
  • devoted and loving families and friends on all sides.
  • the ability to see, and feel, and create art.
  • our health.


Erin said...

I am thankful for our friendship and being able to read about your night. I love and miss you.

Erin said...

I forgot to say that I love it when Corbin says "no it is choc. milk" or whatever else he thinks it is...even though it's not. Just like Lili :-)

Anonymous said...

love you kelc..

nancy t.

Daisie said...

We've given up trying to do that, we sometimes feed the children and get them bathed and in bed with the thought of eating together without children interupting and joining in, just to feel like grown ups. Invariabley we end up with one or other joining us for a sneaky cuddle and 'midnight' feast. I am often disappointed but like you am eternally grateful for these small people that always spoil my plans, I am a lucky Mummy and wouldn't change it for the world ;)

liz said...

oh, i have been there many times too! it seems like those times will never pass, but they do.
we can now put our babes to bed, cuddle and kiss, close the door, and go. no more tiptoe-ing or waiting until they're asleep. it'll come!
it's so good that you could see the brighter side of the situation and make the best of it.
and thank goodness for hot toddies :)

Steven said...

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Pass it on....

Kathleen said...