special wonders

barred owl
This month has been a good one for wonderful happenstances.

*found 6 of the elusive morel mushrooms (we ate them sauteed with butter)
*found a vertebrae resting in some moss (maybe from a deer?)
*saw a large barred owl in the daylight. Alex actually felt it's eyes on him and searched the trees to find it.  (Alex and I saw it swoop right over our heads and land in a nearby tree, but Lili saw it swoop down and land on her head and befriend her. So "owl" came home with us on top of her head and has been making invisible friend real appearances in our house ever since.)
*saw two kestrels (colorful birds of prey) being frisky in the middle of road together and as we drove up they disengaged and flew off.
*found half of a quartz arrowhead in our front yard

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