deer illustration

deer illustration
A new illustration I finished last week. I think I was subconsciously calling in the peaceful spirit of the deer as I was frantically trying to squeeze in all the mini projects I wanted/needed to complete before my weekend at the Southeastern Wise Women Herbal Retreat. And now that the weekend has come and gone I can look back on this little fawn and see this was exactly what I needed at the time. 

The conference was amazing (as always). Women travel from far distances to get to it, and I feel extra lucky it is basically in my own backyard. Each year this weekend re-calibrates my eyes and heart to be less critical of myself and others and to take better care of my body and spirit. My friend Nikki came to help me in the booth and we had a really wonderful time meeting new friends, drinking tea, and working our butts off selling my tiny art. 
Good times.

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Jane George said...

oh it sounds wonderful xxx