I am sleepy and wanting to go to bed, but I find myself unable to get up and make the moves towards my nighttime routine because Pip, (our cat) has been missing for 30 hours. Coupled with the fact that 7 out of the 10 neighborhood cats have disappeared this year (we think coyotes?) and Pip always checks her food bowl every hour or two leaves me feeling like she is gone for good. 

Every night after Alex goes to bed Pip comes downstairs and waits for me to go to bed. She follows me upstairs and then after I climb into bed she huffs in after me and I pull her up to snuggle with me. She always tries to lick my cheek with her scratchy tongue and bad breath.She purs a loud purr with a slightly asthmatic wheezing to it, and she doesn't like the covers covering her.   

So I don't want to go to bed tonight. I don't want to admit my Pip is gone. 


Liz said...

Kelcey! I am so sorry for you! You remember we lost Simon the same way last year. Yes, its coyotes. I hope she comes home!!!

Mandy said...

Sending hugs and hope for a safe return!!