Transitions, good transitions

Yesterday we took down our tree and put the ornaments and Christmas stuff away. The last of our family left today...

I love that we have had a bit of leeway to decide when we wanted to jump back into our work full-time because we are self-employed. It has been so nice to sleep in and drink our coffee leisurely in our pjs. To sit by the fire and to play board games~ so many board games this vacation! *sigh*
Parts of getting back into work sound exciting, like pulling out my paints for the  first time in 2014. Parts sound daunting, like the fact that we are doing our first big wholesale show in a month and a half (and we have SO SO much to learn and figure out for it.) The show we are doing is the Baltimore ACC (American Craft Council) trade show. We were invited right around Thanksgiving just when things were getting Holiday crazy for us. So now that the holidays are over we have to start focusing on it. I don't want it to be obvious to the customers that we are complete newbies to the trade show thingy. New and fresh yes, but not new and clueless. ;-) 
Time to dive in! 


Sumner said...

Wow, good luck at your first trade show! How exciting - and a little intimidating sounding. ;)

RETA said...

You made lots of memories over the holidays with family. It is a bit exciting to be entering the new year, anticipating the challenges, and knowing that next year this time, you will probably be looking back with satisfaction. I hope this new year is a prosperous one for you!

RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

Janey G said...

those ornaments are lovely! how exciting about the trade show! cant wait to see what happens this year with you guys x