Lili learned how to roll over (back to front on her left side) five weeks ago. She is now expanding on this useful skill by rolling to right occasionly and doing push-ups (more than I can do). Here is the 10 miniute play-by-play: she rolls onto her belly, does an arm strengthening work-out, grabs the toys we spread in front of her, creates a giant drool and/or spit up pile that these toys inevitably swim through, gets tired and frustrated with her position, at which point we help her out. I am constantly in awe of all these tiny incremental steps that all of us had to learn in order to do things we take for granted like walking (Jenny probably does not take this for granted) or turning to your side. Here is a picture of her in her first week of rolling onto her belly. Yeah Lili!

On the farm front I humbly report that Sparrow did not give birth because she was not pregnant. I guess she was just fat. And that trip to visit Hermes Wings last October I guess was just a booty-call. Obviously, we feel very dissapointed, a little embarrassed, and inexperienced (which we are). Now we are looking forward to Emelia giving birth in a few weeks. She was studded to some other goatly- stud, and this pregnancy looks very promising. We will keep you posted...

After a good rain. (Photo credit: David & Ema)

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Adam said...

Oh, poor Sparrow. Imagine how it was for her, everyone acting all excited, getting her hopes up, and then finding out she was just chubby.

Or maybe she's very in tune with her body and wondered what everyone was talking about.

I'm glad you're blogging! It's good to hear from you so often!