Last days of winter (for me)

Lili reading her new book that her new friend Nancy gave her. Isn't it amazing when you are 4 months old how many new things there are?
My Mom's house amidst all the snow!
Misha, Lili, and me, posing for Mom in front of a snowbank.


Erin said...

yeah! a blog! Wow, I can't believe how much snow there is in NH. Crazy. I have been gardening here in WA. Hey, is that a beco carrier you have? We tried those and seemed to really like it. Lili is soooo cute! she looks so much like you :-)

mypigsfly said...

Erin sent me your blog address - great to see & look forward to more. Lilikoi is beautiful! (and love her name! ;c)


Dani said...

Yea, for the blog. Great idea. Lili is so cute, where's the pink! I am trying to get something done for her, maybe soon. Enjoying the warmth of Bend. Dani