30 days of happiness :: 17

Okay, this is kind of a silly one, but it brought me this big giddiness to have my childhood teddy bear invited (without my prompting) to the tea party.
It seems kind of ridiculous, but I harbor some residue childhood guilt about outgrowing cuddling and playing with Mickey~ so to see Mickey all dressed up and being fed popcorn... well, it made me happy.
*So I don't leave you hanging...in the great package from the previous post:
A cute handmade little pouch bag with fall colored fabric, a heartfelt letter, a print of Nikki McClure's, lots of cute clothes for Lili to borrow, a screen-printed tee-shirt for Lili, and the book "A Handmade Home" which I have been coveting for a while. It was a treasure trove!


Liz said...

ahhh, tea parties! What child doesn't enjoy this special activity? Good old Mickey has seen some good times, huh? What a boon in the package. You sure are loved! Hope to see you soon;)

Mandy said...

I remember Mickey! My childhood teddy bear (Casey) had her nose chewed off by a small dog years ago. I still have all the pieces....thinking that maybe someday I will sew her back together. This may be my inspiration!

Erin said...

Nothing better than tea parties and stuffed animals. I wonder if Corbin will have tea parties with Sarah Amy or Softy (Adam's teddy) or some other little party?

Cindy Benson said...

You are too funny... Mickey guilt...Glad it was cured. She is getting so grown up!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing Mickey again! And I'm SO glad you enjoyed your package! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! (And some of those clothes are for Lili to KEEP!)