30 days of happiness :: 5

For this tiny bit of fabric called panties:
We went to target and got some "Big Girl Panties" this past week. "Like Gita, and Nim, and Kessy!" Lili will promptly add.
She has been using her little potty for months now, but she didn't have much control over #2. Then about 2 weeks ago she announced to me that she went "Poo poos in the potty!", and she brought it to me like a prize. We made a huge deal of it and fed her marshmallows... and she has been going diaper less around the house ever since. I was trying to think if the lack of dealing with poopy diapers has been joyful~ and I realized I usually equate joy with something I do have rather than something I don't~ but it only takes a second of contemplation to realize that yes, It brings me joy.She loves her new panties, and she parades around the house in only her new panties much of the day.
Today she pulled her underwear up as high as they could possibly go and then kept peeking inside them. I kept asking her what she was doing? and what was in there? and she wouldn't respond. Then a couple minutes later I heard her whispering to herself "button. shhhhh.... night night".
I said "your belly button?"
and she replied "night-night belly button" and pulled her underwear up over her belly again... tucking in her own belly button. And then she patted it.


Daisie said...

Hurray for panites! We have them too now only we call them pants, didn't really want Nathaniel refering to his panties like his sisters :-)
Hope all's still well with you and bump?

Erin said...

That is just too sweet! Night night belly button. I love it! That would bring me joy :-)

cara lou said...

So sweet! And yay for no more poopy diapers!

Will is very interested in potties and undies, but no luck with actually using either yet. Hoping that soon we can be diaper-free, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so exciting, Kelcey (and Lili too of course!) I remember those teeny tiny panties bringing me so much joy. I just loved marveling at her little tiny bottom after 2 years of cloth diapers. She actually went down a pants size when she switched to wearing underwear! And I LOVE the part about Lilikoi tucking in her belly button--what a sweet story!

devon said...

"Night-night belly button" rules the roost. I love it.
ps - my verification word was "dendies". Let's call panties that from now on.