goodbye yome ~ hello tool shed

the yome:
I don't know if you have ever spied our yome (a yome is a structure that has features of both a yurt and a dome) peeking out in our pictures. You can see it from almost anywhere on our land. I have a love/hate relationship with it. 

{ + }
* It has served us in so many ways. David and Ema originally got it to live in while they built their house. * Our friend Heidi helped make the structure, and family members helped build the floor system. 
* It was a home to our friend Kurt for one summer while he helped establish our garden. 
* It has been crucial the last few years: serving as our tool and storage shed. 

{ - }
* Because it is made of canvas it is now molding, tearing, and leaking. 
* the deck is rotting out.
* It used to remind me of a circus tent in a romantic sort of way. Now it just feels like an eyesore. 

Soooo... we are finally building a tool/storage shed.
We broke ground this week on an 8'x12' shed that will be attached to our chicken coop. I am beyond excited to have a real roof over our tools! 

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Anonymous said...

oooh the little ones are little carpenters! so cute. xoxo becca