goodbye january

January was a difficult month in our household. Stubborn-stubborn sicknesses that would not (and haven't fully) go away, heartbreaking news from a friend, pink-eye for all!...blech.
And now here is February with a clean inbox and a sniffling, but recovering, family.

I spent all day today at the computer, the rainy weather keeping me company outside the window. I knocked a lot of overdue emails off my to-do list, tidied up loose ends, and best of all: spruced up the shop!
I even got around to adding a few new items. Hooray!


Daisie said...

I hope February is kinder to you all! x

wildviolets said...

I hope this month brings more health! Hopefully the end of it for the year!!! Love you new tree of life necklace, so beautiful!!!

Mandy said...

Maybe it was good to get all the bad out of the way at once...now you all can focus on staying well, and welcoming spring (was it ever really winter?)and positive happy energy!! Love and hugs to all.
and by the way, I am in LOVE with that necklace! It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...
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chris said...

happy to hear you are all on the mend and hope better days are coming your family. i love the sepia tree of life - it's gorgeous!!!