Gave the little one a haircut because he was starting to look like shaggy from scooby-doo.  As soon as I started the project solo I remembered how he hates having his hair cut. It was a difficult job, and it didn't turn out as I had hoped. It is quite choppy as you can see.
I guess I was overconfident. When I cut Lili's hair I just snip away, and somehow it always ends up looking cute. Strangers are always coming up to her and telling her they wish they had her haircut.
I am discovering that boy hair is a whole different thing.

Seo still looks cute... just in a homemade sort of way. At least it will be a looong time before those bangs are in his eyes again!


Linda said...

Hmmm - don't think you can say anything about MY motherly hair-cutting skills ever again!
Seo still looks adorable ;0)

Sumit Tuli said...

Hey I just loved your blog, it has given me beautiful insights on so many things. Keep writing such good stuff.

Erin said...

and he is still so cute. In a homemade kinda way, and in a cute kid kinda way, and in many other ways too. Whenever I cut Corbin's hair, its always short, it's easier that way and you have more time till you have to cut it again, like you said :-)

Anonymous said...

Ask Alex about Pete the barber, they used to fight each other in the chair!

Anonymous said...

My son's hair looks similar to this right now. My husband says, "The only way you'll learn to cut his hair is to cut it." I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't learn lol.