freebie :: printable valentine's day cards

I was driving to town the other day in the rain and I stumbled across a mix that my sister made for me awhile ago. Now that my music is all on our mp3 player the "mixes" are in a weird category, and they get lost. So, as I was feeling all mushy on my sister for picking out such fun songs~ I got sentimental about the mix tape itself.

These-days, someone hands you a USB with a hundred million songs on it and says, "Here, take some of my music."

One of my boyfriends made me a mix tape before we started dating. It had The Rolling Stones "Wild Horses" on it, and from that... I *knew* he liked me.
You know what I am talking about? Are you with me?

Although to be clear for the generations that missed this 20-year-or-so window, the mix tape wasn't just for romantic purposes. It was for BBFs and others who wanted to spend hours picking out just the right songs, hitting play and record, rewind, and pause~ just for you.

In honer of that nostalgia, I made you a free printable sheet of mix tape valentines. Print the top photo for just one, or the multiples as an 8.5" x 11". Simply save the photo as a jpeg, print & then cut out. I recommend using a heavyweight card-stock paper. If mix tapes aren't you thing: stay tuned for some more free valentines day stuff soon :)
Do you have any mix tape stories?


Pila Dog said...

ooohhh... becca like.

Linda said...
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Susan Sager Brown said...

mix tapes!! I remember them! very cute image for valentines, and try and hold out on the who farted bumper sticker, once they gain some ground it's all over.....hehehe xoS