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In my mind, January started with me in the studio, having time to paint and create. However, Alex has worked every day this week instead. Financially we need him to work when it is available since it can be unpredictable in the winter. So painting has not come to fruition just yet. With the little ones at home it is always a balancing act. Some moments I feel lucky and blessed beyond words, and some moments I simply feel frustrated and restricted. It just depends.
I do love being home with the kids though. How many moments during the day I wish I could capture forever... but they pass through like water. The kids will say something profound and before our conversation is done I already can't remember the sweet inflection of voice or the sequence of words that made me giggle.  As much as I want to be selfish and go in my studio and paint for days on end~ I want to be present to witness my children grow more.
As I said, and as many of you know firsthand, it is always a balancing act.

In other news, Lili and Alex are trying to convince me to put a shiny "Who Farted?" bumper sticker on the front bumper of our car. The sticker is compliments of my Mother-in-law, (typical) and it evokes peels of laughter from Lili every time it surfaces.
We shall see. 


Linda said...

Thank you for having this ongoing blog. Maybe ~ some day into the future ~ you will understand that a mother's desire to witness her children grow MORE never subsides. I am grateful to witness ~ albeit "virtually" sometimes ~ your amazing growth and wisdom. And I am grateful and proud to have the opportunity to be your mom. xxxooo

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

totally understand the 2 way pull!
and the bittersweet thing about them growing up so quickly and how easy it is to forget details.
hope you get more and more time for both sides of life soon.
thanks for the heart :)