First thing this morning before the sun came up.
Awake and eating a Popsicle: 9:30pm. 

Rough day for the boys in our household. 
Alex has a horrible bout of the flu (which doesn't feel fair since he just had the stomach bug). 
Seo has pink eye and two very painful molars breaking through. 

Hopefully all will be feeling better tomorrow. 


Linda said...

Awww ... seriously, Alex has already had his share of the yuckies! Must be he's spreading the West coast germs to the East coast, eh? Hope the boys are up and at 'em soon! (...and the girls stay healthy!)

chris said...

the only thing worse than the flu is molars! hope you are all back to normal soon. take care of yourself too, kelcey!

wildviolets said...

I am so sorry to hear of the sickness in your home:( We have been sick this week, little colds. I called you last week on your cell, talked to Alex briefly. Sorry, I never got a chance to call you at home(the numbers were mixed in my cell phone:)) Miss you, lets catch up soon!