garden prep

 photos from my Mom's visit

We spent a lot of time prepping the garden this afternoon. Raking, trimming... I always love the act of pulling back the brown from last year and exposing the soil. It always feels like a hopeful act. Seo is at a much better age to actually get work done in the garden this year too~ so that is hopeful. Today was the perfect weather for it. Breezy and brilliantly sunny. The kids played in the dirt and jumped on the trampoline.

After the sun set behind the mountain we came in and washed up. We put on the "Let it Be" album while we made dinner. Kale, roasted root vegetables (in coconut oil), and fish sticks. Seo wanted to eat straight mayonnaise with a fork. We didn't let him.

It was a very special & plain day.

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Erin said...

Sounds like a great day. I am eager to get more done in the garden this year too...and it's encouraging to hear you say it's easier this year with Seo...so I can hope with Eliza too.