We were taking down some trees today. The very last (and biggest) poplar tree went the opposite direction it was supposed to go, and it directly hit our house. It took out part of the fence, our gate, and the top of our stovepipe. The kids and I were looking out the big window in the living room when I saw the tree falling directly toward us. I grabbed a kid in each arm and darted for the opposite side of the house.  Lil was especially shaken up, and I spent a long time reassuring her that the fence doesn't matter, what matters is that everyone is okay.


Linda said...

Phew!!!! I can't tell you where a WCS mind goes with this one! SO glad you're all OK!!! Phew!

Mandy said...

yikes! Exciting and scary and crazy!

Erin said...

wow, glad you are all ok and that it didn't do too much more damage!