(sometimes) the reality of the walk to the mailbox

"SouleMama: How are your children incorporated into your business?
Kelcey: We have a ½ mile walk to the mailbox, and my kids love to take a walk and be in charge of putting the Seed & Sky orders in the mailbox and raising the flag."
~an excerpt from the sponsor interview with Soulemama a few months ago. 
I took this photo of Lil with some outgoing Seed & Sky packages in her backpack. I had to laugh when Alex brought back this little video her 3/4 of the way there. It is hard to hear her asking if they are almost there because the sound quality is poor, but her face says it all:

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Linda said...

Ahhh ... she certainly has the "rolling-the-eyes-for-effect" look down pat. Now she'll just need a bit of practice over the next 10 years to really fine tune it for you!