We moved in to our home in December of 2006 when it was too cold to plaster the exterior (You can't plaster in extreme cold or extreme heat). So we stapled house-wrap on the exterior and vowed we would do it first thing in the spring. umm.... welll, that didn't happen. And didn't happen that next fall because we were busy having our first baby. Anddddddddd it didn't happen the next spring, and so on...

In previous years during high winds like we are having tonight the house-wrap would break off and flap in the wind. It would tap against the window and scare me. So this fall it feels good knowing things are tight and secure and even more importantly, we knocked one more thing off our mile long to-do-list.


linda said...

Yay! Getting even one thing done on a list is exciting ~ but to have it be such a big thing ~ Yay! Your house is looking so sweet these days!

Anonymous said...

Also, it looks beautiful!!!