some rainy day jewelry making

Lacy Field Pendant  :: Seed & Sky
Yesterday was wet and cold in NH and I put in a few hours building some necklaces at my mom's coffee table while Alex and Seo napped. Alex has been having some asthmatic sickness the past few days which has been really hard. I wish I had a magic wand I could tap his chest with that allowed him to breath.

My mom and Paul live on a small lake and today Lili and I went for a long ride in the kayak to give Alex a quiet house to rest. The loons were swimming and calling out right next to us as we floated along, and the colorful trees on the shoreline made the most beautiful reflections for us to cut through with our boat. Lili's sleeves were soaking (and freezing) up to her elbows because she had her hands danging in the water as we moved across the cold water. 

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