my sister's baby shower

Alex made carrot cake cupcakes (or pupcakes as Lil calls them no matter how many times we tell her they are called Cupcakes) with the BEST cream cheese frosting. I made little flags out of toothpicks and washi tape for them~ super easy and cute!
 Everyone brought favorite books for the new baby's library. A lot of great classic children's books from the 70's and 80's showed up. :)
 Kristi made rosemary infused lemonade. 
 Scones, tea sandwiches, and soups (roasted squash and sweet potato & cream of cauliflower.) Those pink and red flowers are the very last stragglers from my garden. I had purchase the yellow ones to supplement them. I am going to miss our fresh flowers so!
It couldn't have been a prettier day here in western North Carolina. The baby shower went really well much to my relief. Throwing or hosting parties is not my strong suit, so thankfully our friends Kristi & Jeff and Alex were able to help co-host it and make it fun, super tasty, and extra pretty. My sister and Dave are really humble and shy about people focusing too much on them, so it was fun to have a reason to celebrate them and their new life. It would be impossible to explain how thrilled and excited I am for my new little niece to arrive at the end of this year!

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