short hair & our cyber Monday sale!

The littlest one hates - and I mean HATES- having his hair cut. The last time we gave him a haircut  it ended with Alex holding him down while I desperately tried to not cut his ear off with the scissors, him screaming his head off the whole time. Terrible...
So we decided to give the electric hair trimmer a shot yesterday. I wouldn't call the experience a breeze, but it was certainly less traumatic (for him)  than with scissors. I will admit however, that I am a tad bit traumatized with the baby of our family looking so much older, but I will adjust.
Just look at those to-die-for highlights.... *sigh*
At least his still has his sweet baby fur on his shoulders and arms... ♥
 Also, I forgot to tell you about our Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday Sale happening RIGHT NOW! Our Holiday 20% off sale ends tomorrow night~ so if you are thinking about getting a Seed & Sky gift this season, now is the time!

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Mandy said...

I remember the first time we buzzed Alton's hair...it was traumatic for me! You're right though, you will adjust, and it's just hair, it will grow back!