April 15th




Speaking of birthdays~

As many of you know, Alex is the pastry master of our household. He informed me recently that he will be baking ALL of Lilikoi's birthday cakes. So I took the opportunity to bake her a 1/2 cake for her six month marker. This satisfied both adults in the house. Alex will get to bake her a gourmet cake on the real deal, meanwhile, I got to fulfill my domestic yearnings to be the sort of mother who makes cakes from scratch.

(Did you get the 1/2 cake for the 1/2 birthday???)

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Moriah Norris-Hale said...

Hey Kelcey! I dig your blog. I'm blogging too. Mine's a little darker, more about the mid twenties breakdown, less about farms and babies, but you know, that's what's great about the blogosphere. I really like what you're up too! You should come by, we're living at Robin's in Fairivew now.
here's my blog: nothingtoloseblog.blogspot.com
love, Moriah