Happy Earth Day!

WELL... Lili is celebrating her first earth day on earth by cutting her first tooth (bottom, center, left side) Here she is all boogery and drooly (unappealing side effects of the hard work of growing a tooth) while simultaneously practicing different maneuvers to mobilize. Her tooth is just a little sharpness and discoloration under a swollen gum. These teeth will help her eat all the good food that will be coming her way now that she has started eating a little bit of solids!
All in all, she has been pretty crusty compared to her usual happy-go-lucky Lili-kin self.

Here is Lili's HOTTIE of a daddy.
Nothing says sexy like your husband wearing the baby!

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Erin said...

Yeah! Happy Earth Day, late. Looking good. Tomorrow is my 32 weeks, so expect a blog post soon. Happy Spring!