Some early April land shots

1. The cold frame Ema and I built. 2.Tomato, pepper, and marigold starts inside the coldframe.

3. Watering can with bouquet Nim picked.

4. Row of garlic

5. The new gateway to our house that Alex built.

6. Atticus's new dipping hole/drinking fountain.

7. The two new raised beds Ema and I made. The first bed is now planted with greens. (That is Lili and me casting the shadow)

7. Some yummy looking overwintered collards!


Erin said...

Yeah! Your garden looks great! Weed free too. I wish mine looked weed free. Fresh veggies await...

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! I'm especially in love with the gate. Garden gates always remind me of that gate at Warren Wilson leading down to to garden and that cool house down there. Happy gardening!