letting go

"Letting Go"
8" x 8"

I finished this painting this morning. Alex pointed out that it seems kind of sad. I hadn't thought that before he said it, but then as soon as the words were spoken aloud, it seemed true. When I set out on my rest series journey I wasn't sure how far I could go focusing on one thing before I got sick of it. I have been pleasantly surprised at how rich it has been for me so far.


June rhymes with moon said...

I love making series of things but I tend to get distracted and want to start something else before I feel I've really finished the first idea. Maybe I have Art ADD :)


Beth Hannon Fuller said...

I love this...the mossy green...reminds me of an old victorian...love the flags. I clicked on it to see it up close because it looks so real..just beautiful. We'll have to do a trade soon:)

CourtneyP said...

Love it !