new work

"one of these days"
8" x 8"

I am loving the color palette on this new piece. It reminds me of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan~ ever been there? The island is known for it's fudge, lilacs, interesting history, horse drawn carriages, bicycles (it is an island with no cars), and vibrant minty colors~ it is quite the experience. Alex and I spent a few days there when my dear friend Carrie got married there a few years ago. I think northern Michigan has this magical sparse beauty about it, and the island itself feels a little like a fairy tale (minus the horse shit smell everywhere). Half of the island is preserved in it's natural state and has walking and biking trails throughout... We had such a lovely time there. It was sort of a last child-less hurrah for Alex and I.
Anyways I am rambling... have I mentioned that NeNe (Mother-in-law) and Randy are house-sitting a house right down the road for a month? AND, they are considering trying to make this area their new home!!!? I will post some pictures of this soon.
Well, as I signed off in jr. high,
ttfn. (ta ta for now)


June rhymes with moon said...

Do you find that you sometimes make something and only realize what the colors remind you of when it's finished? I seem to have that experience a lot. I'll add something in a piece and notice later that it has more significance than I thought.

Also, I really like the swallows here...swallows are awesome :)


Megan said...

I am enjoying the work, and the house, and the AMAZING LIL. Megan from true blue is stalking you and so happy to see you and yours thriving. I would love to snailmail or email, megan@meganmarshall.com or 309 applecross dr. cary, nc 27511

Cindy Benson said...

I took Caren and Lindsey to Mackinac Island once on a trip out West with Benny's parents. Caren rented her own bike and Lindsey rode a two seater with me. We went all around the island, but, as i remember, it was a little treacherous trying to juggle two young kids and lots of tourists. Definitely an interesting place though. They sure get you with the prices, however!

Beth Hannon Fuller said...

I love Northern Michigan too. We canoed through some of the many, many tributaries up there with my family (like 20 years ago so I was 17) and it was like a lazy river ride. Personally, I think tandem PLUS canoeing can be more trouble than it's worth. But this was an exception.